Massage known for its relaxing effect; It is good for people both physiologically and psychologically. Massage helps you overcome problems such as the boredom and stress of city life. Massage has many benefits, from helping to strengthen the immune system to reducing wrinkles and scars on the skin.

Thanks to the massage, you can feel happier.
Our hormones, which determine how people feel and are the source of happiness and love, are fed by massage. The massage, which you are accustomed to when your neck or back is affected, actually relaxes your soul. Thanks to the massage, it is possible to feel happier. After the massage session, cortisol, known as the stress hormone, decreases in the body. The body relaxes with the decrease in adrenaline. According to studies, it has been revealed that the rate of anxiety and depression in people decreases with massage.

Massage reduces wrinkles and scars.
It is a known fact that massages performed in a sterile environment and with the right technique help regenerate the skin surface. Especially in the Far East, women have been feeding their skin products to the skin for centuries with a massage that lasts for minutes. It is stated in research that massage, which is said to be the secret of less wrinkles and smooth skin, also helps to repair the scars on the body. The skin, stimulated by massage, is renewed by secreting more collagen.

Massage relaxes.
You may have heard that those who go to massage say "it took my tiredness". Science also confirms the effect of massage on fatigue. Physical fatigue caused by long-term use or straining of the muscles is relieved by massage. Lactic acid and similar biochemicals that occur during muscle activities are also the counterpart of the feeling of fatigue. Massage movements, stroking and rubbing help to disperse these biochemicals in the muscles and alleviate the feeling of regional fatigue.

Massage helps to correct posture disorders.
The effect of massage on posture disorders and spine health is also prominent. Regular massage is known to improve your posture and help you stand upright. Massage movements targeting both the skeletal and muscular systems give results with regular sessions.

It aids digestion.
Research has shown that massage is good for constipation and digestive problems.

Improve your quality of life
The sleep pattern, which has an impact on the whole quality of life, can be put on its way with massage. You can have a massage for problems such as sleep disruption or difficulty falling asleep.