Sauna, which is a part of our life, is necessary for a healthy life as well as having a relaxing effect for our mind and body. To define sauna, it is relaxation and relaxation movements applied to the body with the effect of heat and steam.

Health Benefits of Sauna:
The sauna, which is made with the required heat level, first helps the body to relax through sweat. While the toxins on the body are cleaned with the help of sweat, on the other hand, the chemicals inside are thrown out. It is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health.

1- Supports Skin Carer
Sauna, which has been used in the treatment of skin diseases since ancient times, is known as an alternative treatment method. Since it opens the pores on the skin, it also has a great effect on cell renewal. Another effect on the skin is to increase the circulation on the capillaries. As blood circulation increases, the skin looks smoother and well-groomed. It also provides a preventive effect on the formation of wrinkles by strengthening the tissues.

2- Strengthens Your Muscles
The sauna applied at high temperatures also directly benefits the density of your muscles, as it contributes to fat burning. It increases blood circulation and gives the body a new look. In this way, your body looks more aesthetic and proportional as the fat ratio in the muscles is balanced.

3- It Is Effective On Our Heart Health
As the temperature in the sauna increases, the heart rate also tends to increase directly.
If you do not have a heart condition, you can protect your heart health with regular sauna sessions.

4- Helps You Burn Calories
One of the main benefits of sauna is on weight loss.
As the temperature of the sauna increases, the heart rate will also increase and thus the person will lose weight faster.

5- Increases Our Body Resistance
Sauna with steam protects the body against diseases that target the immune system such as colds, flu and bronchitis.
While the high heat given aims to increase blood cells, it also removes various harmful factors such as viruses and microbes from your body.
In this way, your risk of catching diseases is reduced to a minimum.

6- Cleanses Toxins
The balanced and regular heat treatment helps the body to sweat and the heat in the blood to rise to the surface of the skin.
Therefore, sauna activities provide a deep cleaning opportunity by removing the toxins in the body from the skin and skin.

7- Makes Your Sleep Regular
Going to the sauna for deep and healthy sleep will always be beneficial.
Thanks to the sauna, which offers a relaxing effect on your body, it is possible to have a more uninterrupted and quality sleep process throughout the night.

8- It reduces stress
Günümüzde sıklıkla yapılan tıbbi arastırmalar, saunanın stres üzerinde etkileyici bir isleve sahip olduğunu belirtir.
Medical researches that are done frequently today state that sauna has an impressive function on stress.